Property Buying Procedures

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Property buying procedure in Turkey

Sales / Required Documents

The title deed, if it belongs to the immovable property that is requested to be sold, or the document indicating the name and parcel number of the immovable property or the oral declaration of the owner.

Identity cards or passports with photos of sellers and buyers, as well as 6x4 cm passport size photos of sellers, one of sellers, two of buyers taken in the last six months.

If the request comes from the representative of the owner, the document related to the representation, as well as the representative's photographic identity card and one passport photo.

If there are those among the recipients who do not participate in the transaction personally, the identity cards with photos of the representatives who delivered them ( proxy, etc.), passport photos and documents related to their representatives (power of attorney, vasil Decrees, etc.)

Financial Aspect of the Transaction

Land registry fee is collected from the buyer and seller separately at the rate of 15 per thousand over the real estate property tax. In addition, if you have immovable property, the inheritance and transfer tax and the foundation concession fee are deducted and the certificate fee determined by the Revolving Fund enterprise is collected.